A perk of pregnancy

I went to the dentist last Wednesday and had yucky gums. It kind of stunk. (TMI, I know)
Apparently it is a symptom of pregnancy.

The joy came when my dentist said I needed an electric toothbrush because it was better for my gums.

I have wanted a rotary toothbrush basically all my life, but have never had a reason to buy one.
But what can I say? The dentist said I NEEDED one.

As of last night, I am a proud owner of an electric toothbrush! They really leave your teeth feeling clean! And it does my heart good to know it is totally benefiting my gums. 

Woo hoo! Tomorrow's Friday! Have a great night!

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  1. Take REALLY good care of your teeth during pregnancy and while/if you breastfeed. I went for a checkup right before I had MK and had "as close to perfect" teeth and gums...when she was 8 months old and went again, I had mucho problemos and I brush 2-3 times every day. I had no idea pregnancy/breastfeeding take a toll on the mom's teeth until that visit.


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