I have recently become obsessed with Pinterest!
I found it through Chrissy's blog and signed up immediately. Once it became an iPhone app, I was completely sold.
Basically, Pinterest is a website to collect ideas. You create boards, then can post pictures and ideas from all over the web to the board. My favorite part about it is that after you "Pin it," the link is connected to the picture so you can go back to it anytime. You can create as many boards as you like and add as many pictures as you like. You can also find friends from within Pinterest and see what they are updating and pinning.

Check out my boards and see what you think!
Let me know if you join so I can follow you! :)

Have a fabulous night!


  1. i just read about this on homemade by jill. i'm going to have to try it out!

  2. I finally got on my account I created. I stayed up way too late last night pinning away. I wish I could figure out how to pin from my iPad! I sent you a message on pintrest, did you get it? I enjoyed our brief talk yesterday...hoping for another one SOON! But maybe a smudge longer.

  3. I have joined but I haven't done much pinning yet. I have to work on that!


  4. Hooray! So glad you like it: it's so fun!


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