Be a dog.

Happy Gameday!

Today was our first official gameday with EA in the house, since we were coming home from the hospital during the game last week. I was a bit unsure about what the outcome would look like, but we pulled out a victory in the end. War Eagle!

Here is our first Auburn family photo!
Emily Ann loves football. She slept all the way through the game.
Recognize her little dress from this post? I made matching earrings and a ponytail holder so we could match. Corny? Maybe, but I love it.

Finally, I saw this clip this morning on ESPN. Hilarious.

So, when in doubt, be a dog.
Have a great Saturday!

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  1. Corny? Yes. Cute? Definitely. I love that you matched her :) It's way cuter than it is corny. Love the pic! War Eagle!!!


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