Emily Ann- 6 Weeks

Today, my little girl  is 6 weeks old. I can't believe it. I feel like she is doubling in size every day. It is amazing how alert and active she is getting! She is definitely the apple of our eye- she is absolutely precious. Her little disposition is beginning to come out and we love it!!

(For some reason, my photo software isn't working. The fact that this isn't formatted like the other ones is kind of stressing me out.)

Firsts: First bath in the big bathtub, meeting Great-Mam Maw Gaston, first play date with Johanna, first time at La Fiesta (Mommy's favorite Mexican restaurant!)

Milestones: You've started smiling! You are also getting pretty good at tracking things with your eyes.

Measurements: Close to 11 lbs, 23 inches long, 0-3 month short sleeved clothes, 3-6 month long sleeved clothes, size 1 (Huggies, which apparently fit smaller than Pampers, which do not yet fit) diapers

Like Mommy: As of right now, your big blue eyes :). And your love for bath time!

Like Daddy: A lot of your facial expressions

Food: You are eating 5 oz. at every feeding. You eat every 3 hours during the day and between 4-5 hrs. at night.

Sleep: Your nights are getting much more stable- you finish your nighttime meal between 8:30 and 9, then sleep until about 4:00. After your early morning snack, you sleep until about 8:00. You are still snoozing at random times during the day, but usually staying awake for 1-2 hours between several feedings.

Challenges: Getting a consistent schedule with set times.

Our Days: We usually get up between 8:00 and 9:00 and have breakfast. You go back to sleep until your next feeding at 11ish. We continue to eat every 3 hours, though it varies in whether or not your stay awake :) During the day, we love to go out and see friends, play on your playmat, swing, and hang out on the bouncer. You can't decide if you prefer the bouncer or the swing more... it tends to rotate on a daily basis. When Daddy gets home, he spends most of his night cuddling with you, then we put you to bed between 8:30 and 9.

Favorite Moments
Mommy's Favorite: Taking baths in the big tub- You LOVE it!!!
Daddy's Favorite: You smiling at him

Nicknames: EA, Doodle Bug

Upcoming Events: First time in the church nursery, first tailgate party (Hoover High School vs. Vestavia Hills High School- Go Bucs!), first Auburn football game!!

Photo Ops

Storytime with Daddy

Tummy time on your playmat

Your first time at La Fiesta- you didn't actually eat the chip :)

Your new Auburn pillowcase dress! Annie made it for you the week she hung out with Mommy.

Some mornings, you come hang out with Mommy before it is actually time to get up. You look so pretty with the sun coming through the window.

What a precious smile!!! Mommy got lucky to catch this one on camera!

We love you Emily Ann!!!

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  1. Oh goodness! What a precious little girl! Totally a new follower! I look forward to being able to start blogging about our little ones firsts soon!


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