Jumpin', jumpin'

My daughter loves to jump.
It is pretty hilarious. 
Anytime ANYONE holds her, she bounces up and down and jumps off their legs.
All I can say is that I may never catch her once she starts crawling/ walking...

Some good friends of ours are due in March and had this awesome jumper from Birmingham's Kids Market and Mom. Since they aren't using it yet, they kindly allowed me to test it out on EA to determine if we should buy one...

Clearly, the answer is yes. She *loves* it.

Here is the after shot- all that jumping wore her out!!

PS- Note to self... when wanting to surprise BK when he gets home from work with an I love my daddy onesie, don't text him a picture of child in said onesie. Ruins the surprise every time.


  1. Too cute! I love the jumping video!

  2. Okay, first of all EA is precious. Second, (this is super-ghetto that I'm contacting you over your blog, but...) Kelsey and I will both be in town next Saturday (the 18th), and we'd love to come visit. Just email me (cbe0002@auburn.edu), if you think a quick hello would work out for that day. No problem if not, y'all always seem to have super-fun weekend excursions!


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