Misc. Thursday

Here are some things on my mind this Thursday...

As I was doing my quiet time yesterday, the Lord convicted me through this verse... 
*Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry... *(James 1:19-20)
That quick to listen and slow to speak reminded me again of the importance of truly investing in people and their thoughts, feelings, moods, and needs... not just preparing for what I will say in response to what they are saying. Ouch. Let's just say it hit me hard.
I saw this today and thought it went perfectly with this verse-
Good point. 
Biblical even :)

For the past 2.5 weeks I have been taking the Snap Shop course from AshleyAnnPhotography.com. Such a sweet Christmas gift from the hubs.
This course has revolutionized how I use my camera and has brought this desperate desire to use my camera all. the. time. I pretty much love it and have learned a ton. The course is over on Sunday, so I keep going over the information again and again so I will soak it all in before I lose access. If you are interested in an online DSLR photography class, you should look in to this one. Amazing.
Here are some of my favorite pics post-photography class.

(This is my friend Maegan's little girl... she didn't like the apples, so she put them on the table. It was HILARIOUS.)

Tomorrow night I am going to my church's women's retreat with several girls from our Sunday School class. I am way excited, but kind of sad... it will be my first night away from EA. I found myself staring a little harder at her as we laid her down for bed tonight- ingraining that precious face in my head.

Speaking of weekend's away, have you heard about the Whatever Craft Weekends? I seriously want to go.... or have one similar. Those sponsors rock and the crafts are way cute... not to mention meeting new friends and getting to travel. It sounds dreamy.

Finally, I read this post from Ashley Ann's blog today. Such a great reminder of what a fabulous and hugely important role I have to just be mommy. EA might not call me that yet, but she will and it will rock my world.

Happy Thursday friends!

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