Goodbye 2011!

This year I...

became a mom
started an online business
decorated and crafted
sold my faithful VW Beetle
became the owner of an SUV
became a graduate of graduate school
learned about selfless love
came to respect my husband even more than before
developed a greater understanding of my Lord and Savior

2011 in Review
January. We're pregnant! Auburn wins the National Championship.
February. Knit Day at the McFarlands.
March. Savannah.
April. Honda Grand Prix.
June. Getting ready for our Sunday School baby shower.
August. EA's best friend, Johanna was born!
September. Our lives were changed forever.
October. Pumpkin patch. First Auburn football game. Happy Halloween from our little candy corn.
November. Black Friday shopping.
December. First trip to the beach. Merry Christmas!


  1. Yay! What a great year it has been! Love you and I am so glad we could begin this mommy thing together!


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